DU PREEZ ARTISANS WORLD offers quality  professional services at the best  prices rendered by highly skilled , professional, registered  artisans in their perspective trades. We envisaged to be the preferred  service provider in the trades mentioned.

We are committed to  effective service and will be available to respond to emergencies immediately and on  24/7 basis.

OUR OBJECTIVES                                                                       

  • Creating jobs
  • Giving opportunities to unskilled labourers to become semi - or fully skilled within job environment
  • Training  the youth in a chosen trade
  • Creating economic opportunities for the whole community and other businesses
  • Contracting skilled artisans and labourers from within a specific  area
  • We will demand that our sub contractors have  a fair distribution of  employees:                Male / Female/ the Youth and as far as possible the Disabled/ Races.
  • We will demand that our sub contractors keep  to fair labour practices.

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